caruso “When I sing I never stand on two legs.” –    PAVAROTTI

To understand Pavarotti’s statement is to understand the correct use of the lunge. The lunge is to be used not as a static position but as a dynamic force. Much of vocal instruction centers on the diaphragm and lungs, on vocal cords tongue and the pallet. The importance of the legs is often ignored although they are the foundation of breath support and of the voice. The lack of such support causes many singers to strain their vocal cords and lose their voice.

DSC01958In my teaching you will learn the use the lunge as a springboard for your voice. In this stance, shifting your weight to the back leg allows you to recover your breath and gather your energy; this will be followed by an upward thrust from the ground which allows you to release your energy and to let your voice soar.

In other words you will learn how to use Alexander’s “opposing directions” (the upward and the grounding direction). This opposition will create a true grounding support for your voice. With this support you will be able to keep your upper body free and master your true voice – a voice both flexible and powerful.

After working with Ari I noticed an astonishing improvement in my ability to breathe better and move my body more efficiently. The results were so amazing to me that I incorporated his ideas into my voice teaching methods.

Carmen 2Aside from my overwhelming respect for Ari and his teaching abilities using the Alexander Technique I wouldn’t hesitate to acknowledge his complete professionalism, knowledge and genuine interest in his students.  Mr. Gil is a master teacher who deserves great recognition for his endless commitment to his craft and to humanity.

Ellen Johnson: Assistant Professor of Music
Cerritos College


…Dynamic improvement which studying with Ari Gil has brought to the lessons and the lives of my students…. The advanced students owe a large measure of their success as young professionals… to the freeing, integrating power of these lessons… beginners, too, get a marvelous boost to acquiring new vocal coordination, especially in cases where it is clear that their posture is interfering with their sound. …..collaboration with this remarkable Alexander teacher makes the singing teacher look good!


Beverly Ogden