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One of the main goals for actors is the ability to embody the character they’re playing. To achieve this goal, actors will spend much of their time on character development, on diction, vocal expression, and gestures.

My teachings of The Alexander Technique present a different path towards this goal. Alexander’s directions will offer you a new way of playing “through” your body – a way of integrating your intention and your action. 

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Your technique must at all times be guided by principles. With Alexander’s principles you will be able to observe yourself and learn to refrain from using undue force, from locking your joints, from holding your breath. In so doing you will prevent … With principles to guide you, technique will serve you in drastically changing your body structure in such a way that will enable you to build up your strength around open joints. This openness is the key for achieving fluidity, vitality, and true control. This is the process by which you will attain your true goal, unifying mind and body in movement. 

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Your first instrument is your own body. How you use that instrument determines to a large degree how you play the piano, violin, or clarinet. The way you use your body highly affects your tone, fluidity, and control over your musical instrument.As a professional musician who spends hours with your instrument, my unique approach to the Alexander Technique can significantly enhance your professional success.

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To understand Pavarotti’s statement is to understand the correct use of the lunge. The lunge is to be used not as a static position but as a dynamic force. Much of vocal instruction centers on the diaphragm and lungs, on vocal cords tongue and the pallet. The importance of the legs is often ignored although they are the foundation of breath support and of the voice. The lack of such support causes many singers to strain their vocal cords and lose their voice.

In my teaching you will learn the use the lunge as a springboard for your voice. In this stance, shifting your weight to the back leg allows you to recover your breath and gather your energy; this will be followed by an upward thrust from the ground which allows you to release your energy and to let your voice soar.

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