ARIGILPROJECT940-Ari Gil is currently the director of The Alexander Training Institute in San Diego and has been teaching the Alexander Technique for the past 35 years.

Mr. Gil was born and raised in Jerusalem, where he attended the Hebrew University. While studying Cultural History for his master’s degree, his interest shifted to Jungian and Gestalt psychology and Eastern and Western Religions, which also brought him to study martial arts.  

An injury in Karate practice finally led him to study the Alexander Technique, first in Israel and later in San Francisco, where he trained as an Alexander teacher.


Three aspects formed his unique approach

For many years Mr. Gil collaborated with his wife, a dance instructor, conducting ongoing workshops in Alexander Technique for Ballet and Modern dancers. Through this, he learned how to effectively apply Alexander’s principles to the needs of another discipline. Most importantly he learned that Alexander’s guidelines, when used with clarity, simplify and alleviate the rigidity of dance discipline. Later he applied this knowledge to his work with musicians, classical singers and athletes.

ARIGILPROJECT940-10837A second major influence on Mr. Gil’s unique style and approach comes from his 30 years of Tai Chi practice. Close analysis and examination of the art enabled him to distill important aspects from Tai Chi and incorporate them in his teachings. In so doing he deepened and enlarged many aspects that Alexander only touched upon. This experience gives him a clear understanding of the physical changes that a student needs to go through, and the technical vocabulary that is needed to guide them through the changes. This knowledge provides him also with effective tools to work with chronic physical conditions and acute injuries.

The third aspect revealed itself gradually. Throughout my years of teaching I have observed that the psycho-physical effects of this work often create a process of transformation that affects the whole person. The lessons evoked, in some students an inner journey which manifested in dreams, memories and images. More than one student described this inner journey as their “journey back home” F.M. Alexander and Carl Jung saw it as our journey towards an integration of “the self.” My academic background, studies in psychology and intuitive insight provide me with both the perspective and the ability to guide these students in this inner journey. 

Runners, swimmers, golf, tennis, track & field, gymnastics, to name but few
Martial Arts, Yoga
Mr. Gil demonstrated in studios and taught practitioners from the following disciplines:
Martial Arts; Aikido, Karate, Kung Fu, Tai Chi
Yoga; Ashtanga, Bikram, Hatha, Iyengar

Chronic physical conditions and acute injuries
Throughout the years Mr. Gil worked extensively with people suffering physical injuries or chronic pain:  His wide range experience encompasses: Back Problems; lower back pain, sciatica, herniated discs scoliosis, neck problems, and whiplash injuries.   

Joint problems , shoulder problems , bursitis, frozen shoulder; tennis elbow , carpal tunnel; Legs and Feet Knee and hip problems,  tendonitis , shin splints; Neuromuscular conditions; stroke Parkinson, Fibromyalgia, Secondary Polio

Holistic Health practitioners and acupuncturists
Demonstrated and taught introductory classes in various schools (IPSB, Pacific college of oriental Medicine, Mind body College). He taught such practitioners how to better use themselves while working with clients, how to avoid injuries, and how to enhance the quality of their touch.


Ari Gil is one of the best teachers I have ever come across.  His knowledge of the human body and its movement is unparalleled. Having been born with a congenital hip deformity, my whole life has been a series of doctors and therapists of one kind or another.

 My year with him enabled me to see my life better and make some changes that were not easy.  We worked through a lot of blockages, physical and emotional.

For now, I have exercises and ways of moving that are much better than what I had before starting to work with him.  My qi is flowing better thanks to Ari.  Do yourself a favor and let Ari share his knowledge of the Alexander Technique with you.  You’ll be a different person for it!

Mary Beth Armstrong, L.Ac.

“I came to study the Alexander technique after observing a client of mine – who did not respond well to the combination of chiropractic treatment, acupuncture and body work – made dramatic improvement by working with Ari.”