My approach offers you a way to excel in your field, to surpass your limitations, through a process guided by conscious guidelines and clear technique. My approach will appeal to performing artists, athletes, yoga and martial arts practitioners who are ready to devote both time and effort to achieve their goal. If you have “hit a wall” or reached an impasse in your pursuit, my teaching can lead you to a breakthrough.


The Force of Habit

But why do we get stuck in an impasse? Why so often the harder we try the more we hit a wall? This is the question F. M. Alexander (an orator who continually lost his voice) asked himself as he examined his problem. Alexander realized that habits he formed, both physical and mental, were at the root of his problem.

Just like Alexander, the incorrect habits you have formed compromise your performance: your speed as an athlete, your expression as an actor, your fluidity and sensitivity as a musician or a dancer your tone and range as a singer. Over time these compromises build up to deprive you of the joy of performing, and may often result in injuries.

Habits are devious; we feel we are right even when we are wrong. Moreover habit traps us between two extremes: excess tension on the one side and collapse on the other, with seemingly no way out. Yet between these extremes one will find a neutral direction, a neutral force. What it requires is a new way of looking at things, a new idea.

The Power of Intention

And this brings us to Alexander’s most important discovery: Our ability to override our habits through conscious directions – conscious guidelines. These new guidelines free us from the habitual and frustrating practice based on trial and error. Alexander’s Principles provide practitioners with directions that enable them to unify their movements through clear intention and to practice these movements as an integrated whole.

The Need for Technique

If your goal is to excel, you’ll need to integrate these new directions with a clear and well-founded technique. Many methods use elaborate techniques, but too often they are divorced from the guidelines. Without conscious guidelines, practice becomes mechanistic and frustrating. Even worse, such practice is often at the root of the incorrect habits and can be the cause of many physical injuries.

My Approach

My teaching integrates the power of Alexander’s guidelines with the precision of a clear technique – a technique which offers you step-by-step progress in your quest. My expert use of Hands-On instruction conveys a clear sense of the new directions and will lead you to a new and liberating experience of movement.
My approach is designed to teach you how to gradually open your body in order to form a firm foundation on which internal strength is built. This strength is not to be confused with crude external force. This strength unifies thought and action and integrates freedom of movement with calm control. If you are a dancer, an actor, a musician or an athlete, and if you wish to renew and invigorate your practice, this may be the approach you have been looking for.